This is a topic I write about every year around this time...and I will now be writing about it again.

It is no secret: I am a CURVY woman. (With a capital C)


So the weeks leading up to Summertime tend to be filled with excitement...but also anxiety.

When I have people watched in years past, the things I have overheard people saying are downright mean. And a lot of these mean comments revolve around mocking people's physical appearance and what they choose to wear during the heat of Summer.

We've all seen, witnessed or experienced it at some point or another and it has got to stop.

The world is changing and body shaming is now considered beyond unacceptable. So whether you are skinny mini, curvaceous, chunky, over weight, obese or whatever other size there is out there...wear what you want this Summer.

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It is a hard trap to NOT fall in. I have put on some weight during quarantine -- I mean, who hasn't -- and I have found myself unconsciously trying to cover up.

But I want to make a conscious effort to not hide because of what others might say about my body.

I hope you can join me.

If people don't like what we wear....they can look elsewhere.

And I will say that it is not an easy task and easing into this type of thing might be easier for you.

But my main point: wear what you want to because you want to; not because you are worried about the comments you might hear as you walk down the boardwalk.

And also, if I may....people who feel the need to make those types of comments are usually the most insecure of all.

Wear what you want. If you want to feel sexy, conservative, covered up, exposed, silly, fun or tye-dye. Do it up.

Thank you for joining my Ted Talk.

Now let's see your fashion this Summer! Bada BOOM!

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