Hello To All,

So I have a little something to say.

I am currently in quarantine. I am....well...I guess okay; or as okay as I can be.

But as unenjoyable as it is, I am doing my party by simply doing what has been asked of ALL OF US by Governor Phil Murphy and that is to STAY HOME.


There are young kids who are still going on Spring Break. This means thousands of 20 somethings are standing side by side on a beach. #CoronaVirusCity

There are people doing "underground gatherings." This is not like the Prohibition period. Back then, if you want to drink alcohol even though it was illegal....FINEEEE because the risks were only put upon yourself.

But anything underground with the coronavirus is putting EVERYONE around you at risk and will only prolong this entire process. So stop it. You are not cool. You are being stupid.

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There are also a few towns throughout New Jersey that are ignoring the government's orders. They are still throwing large parties and hosting weddings -- all of which involve a massive amount of people congregating.

Their cases have since skyrocketed in comparison to other counties who are trying to practice social distancing. However, eventually the high number of cases will make their way to neighboring town because of how fast this virus has proven it can spread.

One would think that the numbers would be enough proof that they need to be whipped into shape but alas....here we are. Again: your actions are putting others at risk.

So let me be the 10029358th person to say it: S T O P I T!

When you get together, this germ is just spreading from host to host but can also survive outside of a living host for up to 3 to 5 days.

That means anything that an infected person touches during these oh-so-important gatherings that just couldn't wait will now also be infectious for any poor soul who happens to touch the same area.

I know Governor Phil Murphy has made a statement that slurs and slander will not be tolerated. I agree. No one should ever feel targeted or attacked.

However, I do not care what anyone's beliefs are....they just need to do what is right and start practicing social distancing.

NONE OF US want to be doing this right now. And to continue on as if nothing has changed is selfish and reckless.

Please...I am begging you....From someone who is going to run through a wall if I am in Quarantine for much longer.....stay home. Only leave for essential reasons and quarantine if you think it is necessary.

My rant is over -- for now -- and hopefully people shape up and start acting like responsible adults.

Because if Summer gets canceled because we were too busy messing around now, well then I will have a HUGE problem and you all will know about it. lol

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Sending positive vibes only.


Nicole Murray xoxo.

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