Dear everyone moaning about the Amber Alert from late last night,

Shut up.

Now my mother always smacked me when I said "shut up," but I would personally like to smack every self-important person who is "dragging" today because their phone made a terrifying noise and disturbed them from getting ready for their beauty sleep.

Do you know what must be terrifying? Learning your 5-year-old was lured into a van and is now missing.

This poor child hasn't been found yet and all day I'm hearing people complaining. There's one disturbing theme. Some feel because the missing child is from Bridgeton, and not in our backyard that this Amber Alert isn't as important. This little girl has missing for a long time. She could be far from New Jersey at this point. By the way, these complainers are the same people turning Amber Alert notifications off, and helping others do the same on their phones. Shame on you.

Most used the power of social media for good. Others posted things like this.

If this little girl doesn't return home safely, it's likely going to be the end of the world for her mother, family, and friends.

Amber Alerts save lives. They are not designed to occur when it's convenient for us.

So if you're a little sleepy today because your phone messed up your sleep cycle, suck it up. And while you're at it, hug your child, niece, nephew or any child in your life and be thankful that you're not going through this nightmarish situation.

On less sleep than usual for a good reason,

Matt Ryan

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