Back in January, I introduced you to a 3-month-old little girl that was dying and in need of living liver donor.

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Edie Rose O’Neill is the daughter of Bridget and Justin O’Neill of Red Bank. At two weeks of life, Edie became sick with an undiagnosed liver disease.

On Saturday, January 11, Edie’s health quickly deteriorated and she was rushed to Jersey Shore Medical Center before being airlifted to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

The O'Neill's started a search for a living donor. Because Edie was so small, the criteria for the match were very specific.

Thanks to your shares on social media, your forwards to friends and family, and genuine selflessness, the O'Neill's had over 100 people offer to be a living donor to Edie. There were so many comments across Facebook and Twitter reading "I'm not a match, but that special person is out there! Please share." It was simply heartwarming.

In a twist, Edie's donor was in the family! Becky O'Neill is Bridget’s youngest cousin on her father’s side of the family. The 22-year-old college graduate lives in Long Branch.

The procedure to take a piece of Becky's liver and transplant it into Edie happened on Friday at the Univerisity of Pennsylvania. I got an update from Edie's Mom Saturday night.

She said:

Hi Matt! Right now, Edie is still in her critical period per her doctors so we aren't sharing any updates just yet. Becky is doing really well and is up and moving around today, feeling really well!

We are sending positive vibes to Edie, Becky, and her family during this time.

There is a big takeaway here. Edie's donor, Becky, is already moving around and feeling better just about 24 hours post-surgery.

This should make everyone consider registering to be a living donor. Click here, to learn more about the process and more importantly, how you could save a life.

I'll keep you updated on Edie and Becky's progress. The two now have a special bond that very few can say they have. Send your good wishes to

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