Be on the lookout! A Canada goose is in no mood for any human bulls**t, as ABC reports that the frantic fowl has been harassing customers and employees of a popular diner in Passaic County, New Jersey. But there is good reason for the goose to be extra protective this time of year. Male geese are known to protectively guard over the nest, and they can be especially territorial in keeping away any sort of unwanted visitors. And by unwanted visitors, that does include the two-legged variety too.

ABC says the goose has been keeping watch near the Park West Diner in Woodland Park. Video shows the animal flapping its wings in a defensive manner, and even dive-bombing at anyone who inadvertently gets too close to the eggs. The goose even knocked one man down to the ground over the weekend, and then pecked at his face for good measure.

Just like us, you know we're here to protect our little ones and we would do anything in our power to protect them, it's the same thing.

Baby geese are called goslings, and they take around one month to hatch, according to NatGeo. Geese are also monogamous, and the pair could spend the rest of their lives together. The female geese will make their nests near water, and use their bodies to press down on all the grass, plants, and twigs to help it take shape.

It's that time year, and the birds have been stepping up in their own way, all across the region as of late. In early April, one New York state woman was shocked to find that a wild turkey had broken into her home, and proceeded to wreck havoc in an upstairs room. Pix 11 says that the turkey crashed through a bedroom window of the home in Erie County, before wildly flying around, as it demolished mirrors and smashed into walls like there was no tomorrow. The turkey was later cornered into a bathroom, and NY Department of Environmental Conservation officers were able contain it with a fishing net. Yikes.

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