Wow!  I don’t ever remember there being so many bear sightings in our neck of the woods.  I’m not a “let's take a walk in the woods" kind of girl anyway but I'm finally justified in my stance.  People are spotting bears left and right.  These poor creatures are getting stirred up by something, and there was already another sighting since I wrote about this last.

Imagine you are taking a stroll behind your house in the wooded area and you stumble on a big old black bear.  That’s what happened to a Sugarbush road resident in the Candlewood development.  If you happen to see a bear go inside right away and call the police.  They will monitor the situation and push out the information to others as well.

It is very rare to have bear sightings in Monmouth and Ocean counties but it has been happening like crazy over the last few months.

It is worth reminding you all what to do if you come into contact with a bear:




  • Photo credit: Simon Infanger
    Photo credit: Simon Infanger

    Avoid Contact

    Now, this one seems like a no-brainer but there are those people who want the IG bear selfie. Even when you are far away you are close, you have no idea how fast they can run!

  • Photo credit: Unsplash
    Photo credit: Unsplash

    Keep It Clean

    They are super-smellers.  Do not leave garbage cans for long periods of time, do not hang bird-feeders in rural areas, and do not leave meat scraps around a campground after grilling or you may have an unexpected guest.

  • Photo credit: Unsplash Andrew Schultz
    Photo credit: Unsplash Andrew Schultz

    Protect Your Pets

    Bring your pets inside at the first sign of a bear sighting. That could end badly for your fur babies.

  • Photo credit: Amir Hosseini
    Photo credit: Amir Hosseini

    Don't Be a Hero

    Never try to shoot or trap a bear yourself. Call the police and they will make arrangements for relocation if necessary.

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