For the most part, ocean swimming season has come to an end at the Jersey Shore, but that doesn't mean the sharks have headed away from the area. Ocearch has tagged another shark off our coast.

If you like to follow along with the activity of the sharks who have made their way to our area, then according to Patch, there is another name you need to add to your shark list, and her name is Andromache.

Here are some details about the great white who pinged off the waters near Island Beach State Park this past Saturday morning at around 10:00am...

She was tagged by Ocearch off the coast of Cape Cod back on August 9th.

She measures an impressive 10 feet 8 inches and is considered a sub-adult by Ocearch.

She is named after a Greek figure symbolizing maternity, strength and courage. She was given the name by Swiss watchmaker Ulysse Nardin.

Andromache has most recently pinged yesterday (Thursday October 8th) off the coast near the Virginia and North Carolina border. Her track has taken her as far north as Rhode Island and her recent ping is the southern most on her recent track.

It really is amazing to be able to know and follow the journeys of this shark and all the other sharks, and it's even more fun and interesting when we're not in swimming season. Of course, we all know these amazing creatures are out there all the time, but it's a bit different when we know where they are.

In addition to sharks, you can learn all about alligators, dolphins, turtles, seals and more at Ocearch.

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