An “Artnership” is coming to Bell Works.

Bell Works and Howard Schoor Art have formed an "Artnership" -- a fresh take on art  for the public.
If you haven't yet been inside the "metroburb" that is Bell Works in Holmdel, you are in for an awesome treat.

From May 15thto July 31st, both the art and the artist will be on hand to show his work, elevating the already cool experience of being inside Bell Works.

Part-time Asbury Park resident Howard Schoor is an award-winning abstract artist, quickly gaining acclaim for his distinct, colorful Trianglist artworks he describes as “happy art.”
Howard thinks the Metroburb inside Bell Works is the perfect location for the first Artnership. He says the energy within the space is incredible and he is excited to tap into this dynamic culture to share his paintings and art with the building’s visitors and tenants.
A hybrid artist in residence, Howard Schoor Art will have dedicated space within the Metroburb for a pop-up gallery.  Howard will be on site creating art and engaging with everyone there on a daily basis.
If you aren't familiar with this incredible building, Bell Works is the reimagining of the historic former Bell Labs building in Holmdel, once the largest vacant commercial building in the country at two million square feet!
So....what's a "metroburb"? The term metroburb describes a self-contained metropolis in a livable and accessible suburban location.
Howard Schoor  welcomes all to come see his work at the Bell Works Metroburb. And his studio in Asbury Park is located at 603 Mattison Avenue.
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