Is there anything more upsetting to a summer lover than the sun setting at 4:15pm? I like a lot of sun and a lot of day, and both are going to get a big boost this weekend.

Daylight savings time begins this Sunday at 2:00am, so when we go to bed Saturday night or wake up Sunday morning we can "spring" our clocks ahead one hour. We get another our of daylight, and for those looking for any sign that this winter is winding down, this is nothing short of great news.

There are only two states in the U.S. that don't observe Daylight Savings Time. Hawaii's sunrises and sunsets don't fluctuate much during the year due to their location, so they don't adjust the clocks, and Arizona stopped using Daylight Savings Time in 1968, according to

An article at reports that 27% of people surveyed say they have been an hour late or early due to forgetting to adjust their clocks, and in a 2010 national survey, 17% of people didn't know when to adjust their clocks.

So enjoy another sign that spring, and ultimately summer, is not that far away!