We have put February in the history books, and now our sights are set on kicking off spring at the Jersey Shore.

Spring for us is always the first chapter of the season the Jersey Shore is world famous for. Nobody loves putting winter in the rearview mirror more than we do. So, now we want to find out what you think the first sign of spring is at the Jersey Shore,

Maybe you think it's the first time the temperatures hit 60, or the first St. Patrick's Day parade. If that's you, you've already experienced the first sign of spring.

Or maybe it's St. Patrick's Day itself or the clocks changing. If one those are your first clue that it's spring, then you're just a few days away from that happening.

Or maybe you are the kind of person who doesn't think it's spring until it's actually...well...spring, which officially arrives Tuesday, March 20th, so you have a little way to go.

Some people even wait for a certain sound like seagulls, or a certain smell like boardwalk food. So now it's time to find out. What's your first sign of spring?

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