The Olympics are in full swing and all indications are that the Jersey Shore is loving them. And now our area's favorite Olympic sport has been revealed.

In our latest Jersey Shore Poll, we asked you what your favorite Olympic sport is, mainly because everywhere I went, people were talking about curling and I started to wonder whether that could actually be our favorite around here.

As it turns out, it's not. But curling did come in second place with 29% of the vote. I can't say I disagree. There is something about it that is so interesting. My theory is it's one of the few sports that we all feel like we could actually compete in (even though we probably can't).

So which sport is the one that kept curling out of the top spot? There's really no surprise here at all. Figure skating easily took our top spot with 57% of the vote here at the Jersey Shore.

Third place in our poll is snow boarding. It really is so amazing to see what those athletes can accomplish, and the U.S. is doing so well, really dominating at times. Snow boarding got 14% of the votes.

So to all my fellow curling fans, second place isn't so bad after all. So let's hit the sheet and toss that stone around a little and hope the pebble is kind to us. I have no idea if that makes sense, but neither do 71% of the people we polled.

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