It doesn't take much to get Jersey Shore residents all wound up about something. Did you ever wonder which pet peeve is the Jersey Shore's  #1 pet peeve?

Well, we did. And this just in...there are lots of things that aggravate Jersey Shore residents over the course of a day. We have taken on the daunting task of trying to determine the Jersey Shore's top pet peeve.

What we're going to do is start by trying to determine the category of the worst pet peeve, and once we've established that, then we'll narrow it down to the specific pet peeve. So this time around we're looking for the category the pet peeve lands in.

As an example, if it just boggles your mind how people floor it on the entrance ramp to the Parkway and jump in a lane without even looking, then you're top pet peeve lands in the "the way people drive at the Jersey Shore" category. You get the point.

So, we'll list several categories in our latest Jersey Shore poll and you pick the one that your top pet peeve falls in and vote for it. Then we'll get much more specific once the category is determined.

So, check out the categories and make your vote. Feel free to enter your own category in if you don't see one that matches your pet peeve.

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