The Jersey Shore is gearing up for Spring 2018, and we are all looking for that first sign of spring. So,what is that sign?

We asked you to tell us what you considered the first sign of spring here at the Jersey Shore. It's always a unique and exciting time of year around here because it is when the Shore comes to life again.

And there are so many signs of the changing seasons. We asked you to focus on the one that really works for you in our latest Jersey Shore poll. And the results are in.

The top four answers featured the sight of blooming flower (8%), certain sights, sounds and smells like cooking on the grill, seagulls, or people on the boardwalks got 15% of your vote.

In second place, according to the poll, is the actual first day of spring (which is Tuesday, March 20th at 12:15pm, not that we're counting or anything), which received 23% of the votes.

So the clear winner, and the #1 sign of spring here at the Jersey Shore, is St. Patrick's Day. which is only a few days before the official start to spring (three days earlier to be exact. Fifty four percent of those polled chose St. Patrick's Day as their first sign of spring.

So, no matter what your sign, it's all around the corner. Bring on Spring 2018!

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