There's a lot of hype, and a lot to take in as the Super Bowl approaches, but the Jersey Shore is looking to one part of the big game in particular, according to our latest Jersey Shore poll.

We asked you to tell us your favorite thing about the Super Bowl, and your response has very little to do with a touchdown, a field goal, or even a final score. So what is the best part of the Super Bowl according to Jersey Shore residents.

The results of our poll show that the Shore's favorite things are those Super Bowl commercials, which got 43% of the votes. A pretty distant second place belongs to parties/food/drinks with 29%.

Coming in third place in our survey was the halftime show (21%). That means that only 7% like the game itself the best, meaning 93% of Jersey Shore voters rank the game itself as the least favorite thing about Super Bowl Sunday.

I love watching the game, but to tell you the truth, I get what people are saying in this poll. By the time the game gets started, after hours and days of pregame hype, the game itself is an afterthought even for me.

So, enjoy whatever it is you like best about Super Sunday, and I hope you even enjoy the game this year...well at least the 7% of you who actually like the game best!

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