Yesterday, we wanted to see if you could name a landmark establishment in Monmouth County with only 3 last names. It's time to see how you did.

I was pretty amazed at how many people got it right. We didn't say what kind of business it was, where it was located or why you might know it. We only gave three last names associated with it. In case you missed it, here are those last names again...


Barclay is for Carroll W. Barclay, who took over operations after World War II. In the late 50's he would bring wagon loads of apples to a makeshift stand along the road that led to the establishment we now know.

Smith is the married name of Carroll's sister Carolyn and her husband Bill, who became involved through the years.

McDonald is for Bill McDonald who was part of the management team which purchased this business in 1977 and who's family now are owners and operators of this beloved place.

So, have you gotten it yet? If you guessed Delicious Orchards, then you got it! You can get even more historical info about this landmark business at the Delicious Orchards website.

Thanks for all your guesses, and if you got it right, great job!

Mcdonald family photo 2014
Mcdonald family photo 2014 (courtesy of Delicious Orchards)




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