So ever since I was a child, I always loved April Fools' Day pranks. As an adult, I have become a bit of a Prank Master. Throughout my years of pranking people, I have learned quite a few things NOT to do when pranking. Where things get touchy, is the workplace. Do you prank or not? Well, I am all for it as long as it isn’t going to affect the daily flow of things. Well sort of.

One of my best pranks happened while I was at another station (we won’t mention any names though). Easter had just passed and there were chocolate eggs left in the kitchen area. Well, the bathrooms were right in the kitchen area, so I got the brilliant idea to warm the chocolate in my hands and smoosh it in toilet paper and dropped it on the floor next to the toilet. Gross but hilarious. Part 2 of my prank consisted of me turning all the photos in the studio upside down and turning all the paperwork and log books upside down. Simple, funny yet annoying. Thank goodness I video recorded my pranks because I almost got fired. Apparently, when the morning shift came in that day at 4:30 a.m. the computers crashed. They thought it was me. WHEW, I dodged a bullet there, I don’t mess around with the computer systems. NEVER EVER mess with the office technology! Instant termination I promise you!

Another one of my top office pranks came when I was working at a local hospital. I was a day shift Security Relief Supervisor and I got my entire shift and the midnight shift to go along with it. I asked the midnight Supervisor to make sure he had the Polaroid camera to capture the moment. The midnight supervisor put call out sheets for every day shift person on his desk. They were all marked with different times and excuses. As the day shift supervisor walked in another officer radioed in that someone from day shift was calling out. Now I should add that my bosses desk was by the window overlooking the parking lot in the back of the building. We all parked out front on this day and waited by the time clock on the first floor of our building. The look on his face was captured at the precise moment and was epic! I still have the Polaroid somewhere in my house. He eventually figured it out and came downstairs as we were all punching in. We had a good laugh. What wasn’t funny was the CODE 10 that was called by a newer officer. A CODE 10 meant a combative patient. We all ran to the emergency room which was in the main building and he said “April Fools!” NOT OK!!! He was fired for that if I remember correctly.

Top 5 Things To NEVER April Fools' About

1.   Injury – That includes death! Never ever!!!

2.   Medical emergencies. I did that to my mom once. I pretended I couldn’t breathe when I called her at work. She was so upset because she couldn’t do anything from her end. Never ever a good idea to do that.

3.   Pregnancy. It’s just a really mean thing to do. Not to mention you may jinx yourself.

4.   Cheating. Pretending to be cheating on your significant other is a major NO NO! Not only is it not a good idea, it is NOT a good idea. Why give your partner trust issues where there is none? Just don’t!!!

5.   Don’t ever use bodily fluid of ANY KIND from any species! I shouldn’t have to explain!

Keep these rules in mind, and have a Happy April Fools' Day!

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