I know we should all take extra care when driving in the snow, but isn't there a difference between being careful and being so paranoid that we actually become more dangerous?

It is imperative that we all slow down, leave extra space and take all logical precautions to ensure our safety and the safety of everyone around us. There's always some idiot who acts like the snow changes nothing, which is incredibly dangerous.

Having said that, there are some people out there who see a flake of snow and literally lose their minds. Yesterday, I made a quick trip to the supermarket and in the three minutes I was in the car, I saw someone stopped right in the middle of the road just stopping traffic while they tried to decide which way to go. I saw another driver making a left across traffic so slowly, drivers on both sides of the road were beeping.

And then I pulled into the parking lot (always fun) to see people backing out of their spots without even looking, cutting people off and literally ignoring the parking spot lines. It was like a bad video game, and there wasn't even any snow on the ground yet.

We need to get it together before a significant storm hits. I think that panicked type of driving could be just as dangerous as the jerk who ignores the conditions and acts like he could drive 80 and not worry about a thing.

Listen, we're all nervous about driving on snowy, icy roads, but lets be smart, logical, patient and predictable. Here are some really good winter driving tips from usatoday.com that we should all check out. Safe driving everyone! Thank you for letting me vent. For the record, I don't think the Jersey Shore is home to the worst drivers in the snow...at least not all of us.


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