OK, I can't name names for PR sake, but a close friend of mine is a manager at a major company and one of his employees recently announced that they identify as a cat. You read that right, she feels like a feline trapped in a woman's body.  Now, this is uncharted territory for this manager friend of mine and after looking into it, he has to comply with reasonable accommodations and full acceptance so long as it does not interfere with her tasks at work. In the words of the great Pauly D, "what a country".

Now, I just read in the Herald Sun that this cat identity thing it is not just us, there's a student in Australia that says she identifies as a cat and her school has to deal with it.

Kids have to “find themselves” right?  We all try on different identities to figure out who we are and what we like.  I knew someone who was a cowboy one year and the next year he came back into school with droopy jeans and rapper swag. I did it too, I was a dancer in high school and I was mad that I was not on the show Fame so I protested by wearing ballet slippers as shoes (Leroy would have understood me).  Anyway,  We’ve all been there but where do we draw the line?  There are always people pushing the proverbial envelope and this one is really over the top.

The student in Australia I was telling you about declared that she identifies as a cat and the school is allowing her to live her truth.  The school actually granted her the right to be non-verbal and to “act feline”.  The school's only boundary?  Her identity can’t be a distraction to the other students’ learning. Are you kidding me?  I’m distracted and I’m not even in the room.

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I mean, how far does this thing go?  Are they going to put a litter box in the corner of the classroom?  The school says that they have no precedent for this kind of identity claim and they are figuring it out as it comes. They did admit that as more students come out as animals they will have to draft some rules. WTH?

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Another school in Brisbane allowed multiple students to walk on all fours and cut holes in their uniforms to make room for their tails. I’m sorry, we are all different, but the one thing we do have in common is that we are all human. 

Is this going to fly in New Jersey schools?  Are there any teachers dealing with this locally?  Would you want your school to allow all of this?  Email me shannon.holly@townsquaremedia.com

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