New Jersey has been recently ranked among the top of a survey of good driving states. We're all happy about that, but deep down, do we really believe it?

In a recently published report, New Jersey was ranked 7th best state for best drivers. Great...but really? Sure, the statistics back it up, but if you do any driving in the Garden State, and you see some of the antics some of our co-drivers do, doesn't it make you wonder exactly what's going on on the other state's roads?

We've seen it all in New Jersey. Cars stopped in the middle of lanes, the old no signal light double lane change, and the dreaded left at the no turn light. We shake our heads, we yell, we talk to ourselves, we give dirty looks, we beep and we give the Jersey salute...and they tell us we are surrounded by some of the best drivers in the nation?

Now you know I love New Jersey, and I'm happy we made a good list for a change, but can we have a dose of reality here for a minute? Yes, I'm a great driver, and so are you, but the rest of them? Not so much. Maybe we're safer because we're forced to drive 7mph in a 55mph zone so often. That could explain it.

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