With what is and isn't allowed changing every day during the Covid-19 crisis, could wave parades be coming to an end?

There have been so many drive-by honk-and-wave 'parades' for everyone from first-responders to those celebrating birthdays to those getting home after surviving the virus, and so many of those parades have included town support including police cars, fire trucks, and other EMS vehicles.

At times, the governor seems to have backed off of saying this was illegal. However, he has reminded us that we should not be heading out of our homes and driving around unless it is for something essential.

And I doubt anyone would consider a wave parade essential...unless it is perhaps to thank our essential workers. (Or maybe just those fly-by jets are allowed to do that now?)

According to sources, one state police official says that wave parades actually go against the governor's orders.

I saw this letter circulating all over social media over the weekend and so many comments as to whether or not this is official. With many saying this is not actually an official ruling and that local law enforcement won't ban the parades.

The letter was written by the state police to the public schools reminding them that no graduation ceremonies should be held (except for virtual celebrations) until the gathering order is lifted, even wave parades.

How do you feel about the current trend of wave parades? Do you support them or do you find that they have disrupted your neighborhood or scared you into thinking there was an emergency when you heard sirens and honking?

Do you think that it could be overwhelming if every graduate received a wave parade.

For an example of a really well-done, heartwarming wave parade, CLICK HERE.


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