It was a very special birthday full of love for Charlotte Joy and her family is humbled.

(Deanna Ryan Photography)
(Charlotte, photo by Deanna Ryan Photography)

Charlotte turned 3-years old yesterday. Her 2nd birthday party last year had to be cancelled when she was suddenly diagnosed with a rare cancer. So her mom was determined that this caronavirus pandemic  wouldn't ruin another chance for Charlotte to have a birthday celebration..

Charlotte is currently undergoing cancer treatment for high-risk neuroblastoma. But until this time last year, Charlotte had been an extremely healthy baby and  child. Then last year Charlotte's parents found out she had this rare cancer.

This year, Charlotte's parents were going to hold a "celebration of living" birthday for her since she has been successfully making it through her aggressive treatment which included 5 rounds of chemo, 2 stem cell transplants, a surgery to remove the tumor, 12 rounds of radiation, and 6 rounds of immunotherapy (She is going in for Round 4 of immunotherapy on April 25).

(Charlotte's family, photo by Deanna Ryan Photography)

Charlotte's mom, Laura Scalese, says that had Charlotte not gotten this treatment, she would not be here today and thriving. Laura says, "We are happy to report that as of her recent scans a few days ago, she is doing wonderfully, responding exceedingly to the treatment, and the doctors are confident that Charlotte has a long life in front of her."

So, wanting to make the best  of a bad situation during this Covid crisis), Laura loved the idea of a birthday parade like she had heard about others doing. But I doubt even this family was prepared for the outpouring of love from our community yesterday in Shark River Hills.

Over 50 vehicles of all kinds drove by to wave during precious little Charlotte's parade including many Neptune police cars, EMS vehicles, fire trucks and other emergency  vehicles. There was even an Elmo appearance, along with the mayor of Neptune and assemblyman Eric Houghtouling...even the Asbury Wall Motorcycle Club joined in!

(Deanna Ryan Photography)

Laura says she just wanted to share this "feel good" story with the world as a way to inspire, encourage, and show you that it's important to find the "light" and "good" in any situation. And she says the entire experience was truly overwhelming, unforgettable, and humbling.

Laura says Broad Street Dough Co. donated donuts, Unique Party Concepts Made the balloon decor, and Deanna Ryan Photography did photographs of Charlotte.

If you would like to follow Charlotte Joy's journey, CLICK HERE.

This isn't the first time the community has come together to help little Charlotte. CLICK HERE to find out more info on how so many have helped this precious little girl.

And here's the parade WITH sirens!

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