This beloved sub shop owner in Point Pleasant isn't done yet! She wants to continue to help feed those in need during this crisis with a new link to donate!

(Photo of a thank-you letter to Petey courtesy of Cate Cucci)

"Petey" (real name Stephanie) was born and raised in Pt. Pleasant Beach. She is a local business owner trying to help during this Covid crisis. What started off as a small fundraiser on Facebook became an outpouring of community support to help feed people, so she has just created a new place for you to donate money if you would like to help pay for a sub for someone else in need.

Petey is making a special sub sandwich for those in need at her Point Pleasant sub shop Petey's U.S. Subs. It's called the St. Mary's Sub. Her sub shop is located at at 642 Route 88 (Ocean Road) in Point Pleasant, 200 yards east of Bay Ave. right hand side, on the corner of Brown Street.
If you are struggling financially and are low on food and in need a sub, mention the name "St. Mary's Sub" and get a sub, chips and drink with no questions asked.
Petey says, "I can’t thank all of you enough for all your continue support and generosity" and asks you to please spread the word to anyone who could use some help.

(Petey's biggest fan is her sister, Cate, pictured here when she once dropped off Petey's subs during one of our live shows.)

Petey's sister, Cate (pictured here when we met her on the Jenk's Boardwalk) says that people have been so kind and thoughtful and the recipients are beyond thankful. She also tells us that Petey is donating to hospitals, too, but all of this relies on your continued generosity.

Let's help support local businesses like Petey's who are struggling during this difficult time. Order for delivery or pick-up curbside at Petey's US Subs.
Petey has always been so good to the community, giving away meals without telling anyone. Cate says Petey does not like attention and she's pretty shy but so thoughtful. Cate says, for example, that if someone had ordered food and did not pick it up, Petey would bring it down to the police station for the officers. She has a wonderful reputation and is very well liked.
Or you can drop off cash or use your credit card over the phone. 732-892-8970.
To follow Petey's subs and find out the specials, CLICK HERE.
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