The ramifications of Covid-19 could ruin the holidays for us all.

Even though there are always haters claiming our governor is being too 'strict' in allowing our economy to reopen, our state (along with NY and Connecticut, which have been working together) have managed, through lockdown early-on during the Caronavirus pandemic, to get our numbers low enough to slowly reopen many things.

However, without being able to close our borders to those entering from other states where virus numbers have skyrocketed, we have to remain diligent. Even now we are seeing many younger adults 'forget' that there's a pandemic and shun masks and social distancing while partying on the beach and in back yards where they are starting to spread Covid germs.

Not only did the Manasquan summer recreation program have to shut down due to counselors testing positive, but Red Bank Regional's high school graduation ceremony had to be canceled because of teens who had caught and spread the virus.

Now we have both parents and teachers fearful about how schools will safely reopening this September.

Make no mistake: Covid 19 is not dying. It is not 'going away' any time soon. It is still out to get you. And everyone you then come in contact with.

And while it seems to be 'safer' to be social distancing outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine this summer (six feet apart, in a mask) what happens when the weather turns colder and we're all stuck inside?

Will we follow our usual behavior and start planning for Thanksgiving, and Christmas in the usual fashion?

Because the last thing we should be thinking about is traveling to other states and gathering indoors with our loved ones. I am sad just thinking about having to potentially "Zoom" my turkey dinner and Christmas morning celebrations with my siblings and nephews.

But do I want to take a chance on getting my beloved father and mother sick? Do I want to gamble on a cousin laughing too hard across the table while sipping egg nog and then finding out that our whole family has contracted Covid-19?

Is it worth it? Nope. But loneliness, isolation, and missing family members will mean that many people will gather for the holidays despite the virus. And then we will see spikes in the numbers and possible shut downs all over again.

The earliest vaccines will more than likely not be ready until early next year. And even then, the first people to get them will be our medical professionals. So I guess the best plan of action is to start prepping boxes in order to mail your gifts to those you love. And then stay home in order to (hopefully) remain healthy for the remainder of 2020...there year there was no Christmas.

(This blog is based on my own opinion after what some of the top medical experts in our country have been saying in recent interviews about where we are headed with Covid-19.)

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