Santa must be working overtime in 2020 so no, it is not too early to give the big guy a call!

Plus, it is probably a good idea to check in with the guy in charge before Christmas anyways!

Here is how it works:

You and your kids can give a call to (951) 262-3062 and then you can talk to Santa personally!

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Parents, just so you know what is coming, Santa will ask your child what he/she wants for Christmas and then reminds them to always listen to their parents! (You like that part, I bet!)

Plus of course, he wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and gives you a few of his iconic "Ho, Ho, Ho's" to close it out!

I tried the line myself and it is super easy! Just have your child ready to leave the message for Santa and you are good to go!

And to all of the Parents out there: After the year we have had, I am sure Santa would totally be okay with you leaving him a voicemail of what you want for Christmas as well.

Thought of the day: Wonder how long the naughty list is for 2020....must be like DOUBLE the size. LOL

Take a look HERE for more information.

Be advised: The webpage may be from a few years ago but all of the information is still accurate! Tell Santa I said HI!

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