Every time a website lists the favorite whatever in each state, it always seems like their choice for New Jersey is just an after thought. We may have another example of that when it comes to New Jersey's favorite Christmas treat.

It's not like we have anyone to blame but ourselves on this one. Zippia used Google Trends to determine which Christmas treat was the favorite in each state, and the results for the Garden State are a little disappointing.

I expected something homemade. Something that has roots in family tradition. For my family it's all about the strufolli. The dough, the honey and and a huge dose of Christmas love. That would have been a great Garden State choice. But that's not it.

Alright then, how about a fresh home baked cookie. You can fill in the blank on which homemade cookie is your favorite. You can fill in my blank with a nice biscotti (please pronounce it bish - CUTH, thank you). According to the study, that's not it either.

Or let's think about the love affair New Jersey has with coffee. What about a nice peppermint coffee concoction that would represent the state well. We're apparently barking up the wrong tree with that, too.

So, is it a homemade pie, another type of cookie, or some secret family recipe that people in the Garden State have been keeping a secret for generations? No, it's way less romantic than that.

According to the study, the Christmas treat that gets the most Google love is...wait for it...chocolate Santas. I love chocolate Santas like the next person, but somehow I expected a little more.

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