If you find yourself ahead of pace with Christmas shopping this year, you are apparently not alone at the Jersey Shore.

Granted, this is an informal and unscientific survey I took, but it will give you some indication of where you stand when it come to Christmas shopping.If you're not done, you are definitely in the minority.

Let's break down what we learned from talking to dozens of Jersey Shore residents when we asked them how much of their Christmas shopping was done...

Completely done. A whopping 64% of area residents say they are completely done with their Christmas shopping. That's nearly two thirds who can just sit back and enjoy the season.

Almost done. 29% of the remaining residents say they are "almost done", meaning they have just a few things to pick up before they can call it a day.

Didn't even start...The remaining 7% of people we talked to say they haven't even started the process. Haven't even started.

Guess which category I'm in. Yep, I'm part of that 7%. i will say this though. I can get it all done in two days. And it looks like I'm going to have to. At least I'm not alone.

So, why are so many people done so early this year. We, it's the same answer for that question that it is for every other question this year. The pandemic. We're home, We're on the laptop and we're buying up a storm.

Most people we spoke with say they spent more than they intended to spend this season. If you're  still shopping, remember to support our local businesses!

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