NBC seems to have re-welcomed Donald Trump to the airwaves with this past Friday’s Tonight Show, but The Celebrity Apprentice will be back with a new host all the same. Trump is officially terminated, now that Arnold Schwarzenegger will get behind the desk as the newest host of The Celebrity Apprentice.

NBC has yet to release formal details of Schwarzenegger’s tenure, though the shift follows Trump’s June dismissal from the program, as the network sought to “end its business relationship” after the GOP candidate’s derogatory comments on immigration. Never one to admit defeat, Trump has repeatedly insisted he left the program of his own accord to begin a presidential bid, against the wishes of the network.

Says NBC of the announcement:

We are thrilled to be opening a powerful new chapter in the story of the Apprentice franchise. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the epitome of a global brand in entertainment and business, and his accomplishments in the political arena speak for themselves. It was Arnold’s personal passion for the format that Mark Burnett and Donald Trump built over the last decade, as well as his fresh take on how to take it to new heights for today’s audiences, that made him the man to hire. The Celebrity Apprentice … will be back!

And hey, even The Donald himself is onboard with his replacement:

Auteur as he is, Arnold Schwarzenegger can do anything he likes at this point, at least until Terminator: Sequelitys comes a-callin’. Still, does Schwarzenegger seem like the best possible alternative for The Celebrity Apprentice, returning to NBC this fall?

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