Limiting beach badge sales have been the most recent trend at the Jersey Shore this Summer.

First Manasquan, then Belmar and now Asbury Park!

But Asbury's limitations are a bit different than the rules set by the other two Jersey Shore towns.

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First let me just tell you that season badges for the 2020 season in Asbury park are sold out. Once beaches were permitted to open, Asbury Park sold 9,000 seasonal beach badges.

But when it comes to daily beach badges, Deputy Mayor Amy Quinn said that at the start, the daily badges are being limited to about 500 a day.

As the state has continued to reopen, the number of daily beach badges being sold are between 500 and 3,000 per day.

 "To put that into perspective for people, last year on a busy day, we could sell 15,000 daily badges," said Quinn. "So limiting them to 500 per day helped us initially gauge how many people we could put on the beach. Now we're doing between 500 and 3000 daily badges."

Now, when it comes to the beach badge sales, a limited number of daily beach passes can be purchases through the Viply mobile app each day at 6:30 PM for the following beach day. And once they sell out, you are out of luck.

In addition, Asbury is also offering in-person beach badge sales -- which will be limited as well -- available for those who do not have access to the Viply mobile app. Purchases can be made at the Boardwalk Beach Office located at First Avenue by credit card only.

Asbury Park Officials are urging beach-goers to check social media platforms for updates on beach badge sales before heading to the shore town.

Just be aware that parking costs are nonrefundable. So if you arrive at the beach, pay for parking and then realize that the beach is full, you will not be refunded.

I know...they don't mess around.

There are a lot of moving parts here but the best thing you can do is to head to the beach early and stay on top of each town's social media pages for announcements and updates.

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