The city of Asbury Park and its waterfront developer, iStar, recently revealed some big news.

It looks like a 4-block stretch on the north end of the Asbury Park boardwalk is going to be renovated and be ready to go by the Summer of 2020!

More specifically, all the work will be done from Convention Hall to the northern border with the Borough of Loch Arbor.

This project is in the final stages and at this point, iStar is just waiting on approval from the city but here is the part that you will like best: We won't have to pay for it!!! 

The project is going to cost approximately $8 Million and iStar is going to pay every single penny.

“We are part of this community and our goal is to continue to bring certainty and long-term stability to the city,” said iStar’s senior vice president for land and development, Brian Cheripka. “The city and the NJDEP need to formally approve the new design, but if they do so by October, we expect to have a new boardwalk completed in time for the next summer season.”

The new design and concept of the Asbury Park boardwalk has been designed  by iStar, city officials, members of Save Asbury's Waterfront which consist of environmentalist and open space and beach access activists, and local homeowners which means the plan has been decided upon by representatives of almost every group that the project would affect.

There seems to be a lot of positives and not a lot of negatives in this situation so just keep your fingers crossed that the project is approved

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