I couldn't even believe what I was reading.

Two or three GROWN women got into a physical altercation at the Shoprite in Howell yesterday.

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What was the reason?

Because one of them was trying to go through the Expressway Lane with more items than the allotted limit.

Are you kidding me? ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME.

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I am beyond embarrassed for them because even on my worst day, you would never see me carry myself this way in public.

Like, my god, they even bit each other. The last time I told someone to stoop biting me was when I visited my baby cousin. Congratulations. A three year old learns faster than you.

We try to teach the younger generations that violence isn't the answer. That talking things out is the preferred and most effective way to go. And yet, our very own adults behave even worse than some of our kids.

I hate to say this but I almost want to encourage making an example out of this group.

I should never have to worry about walking through a supermarket -- or anywhere for that matter -- worried that I will become entangled in a physical tussle. And neither should anyone else.

And may I add, if the woman was trying to go through the express lane with too many items, it is totally not the end of the world.

You will pay for your items and get where you need to go. I promise.

So being that Thanksgiving is tomorrow, let us all take a deep breathe and be reminded that life is short and we just need to be thankful for those around us who are supportive and loving. Let the other BS slide off your back.

If your worst problem of the day is someone trying to sneak through the express lane, then I will say you have got it pretty good.


I thank you and have a Happy Thanksgiving all.


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