A massive amount of progress has been made on the boardwalk near the Fourth and Fifth Avenue Pavilions in Asbury Park.

There will be two new restaurants -- including the first Pizzeria Maruca's Pizza -- as told by Matt Ryan -- expanded retail space, and commercial offices added with ground-floor retailers opening as soon as late Spring!

"Our season has evolved well past summer within the last several years," said Asbury Park's Boardwalk Developer, Pasqualina DeBoer.  "The curation of these two reimagined pavilions addresses the needs (and wants) of regional and local visitors as well as homeowners."

And here is my favorite part -- residents and visitors can expect a rooftop deck with ocean views!

The need for a newly renovated area with retailers is much needed in Asbury Park as the place continues to be redone.

One of the biggest projects is the high-rise project at 1101 Ocean Avenue.Take a look at the video below provided by APP.com of what the final project is planned to look like when all finished up!

Between all of these changes, experts predict that the Asbury Park Boardwalk Renovations, "certainly be a multimillion dollar investment."

Look like A LOT of good changes are headed in Asbury Park's direction but is it worth MILLIONS of dollars? Since it is happening, I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Take a look at the original article at APP.com.

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