Asbury Park is undergoing lots of changes, and at a rapid pace. Development is on the rise and all eyes are on the Asbury Park Ocean Club.

The high rise in the heart of Asbury Park will bost residential homes, a "boutique hotel" and "an unprecedented suite of amenities" including a Beach Club. One would think that all of this would be contained within the Ocean Club property, right? Nope.

According to ABC7, three blocks of the boardwalk near 7th and Ocean have been removed so construction can begin on a pool club that will only be accessible to residents or guests of the Asbury Park Ocean Club. It's said the pool will have excellent beach views and a stretch of sand that will be off-limits to the public. By the way, the least expensive residence at Ocean Place is just shy of $1 million for a one bedroom.

Some residents of Asbury Park say that the Ocean Club itself has ruined the boardwalk and limited public beach access. The addition of this exclusive pool club seems to be a breaking point for many.


In addition to environmental concerns, North Beach residents are unhappy with the beach access limitations. Madaline Monaco, the president of the North Beach Condo Association told ABC7 "Even though [Asbury Park Ocean Club] is saying they're not limiting access to the beach, restricting access to the beach, in effect they are.

Developers are expected to share their plans at a city council meeting Thursday at 6 p.m.

[source: ABC7]

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