How is everyone hanging in after the first official blizzard of 2022?

Just how much snow did we get? LOADS! Shannon Holly did some digging to try and find out the snowfall totals in each Jersey Shore town...did yours get the most?

No matter where you were at the Jersey Shore, the amount of snow you received was MASSIVE!

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While others focus on the whole, "I don't want to shovel!" point of view, I decide to focus on the beauty of nature...mixed in with some adorable Jersey Shore dogs! LOL

I asked YOU for your best photos taken during the blizzard and holy cow, did everyone deliver.

I greatly appreciated that when I asked for blizzard photo and video, I didn't even have to specify that dogs should be included for adorable doggy content to be sent my way. You guys just get me.

Because who doesn't love watching our fur babies zoom with excitement into a pile of white, cold powder?

This is Miley from Holmdel. Clearly the snow was more important than listening to her Dad....I can relate.

[video width="720" height="1280" mp4=""][/video]

For Carolina....she  was a little confused at first. She tried. LOL.

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

But then she got a bit more used to it and started catching snowballs like tennis balls!

[video mp4=""][/video]

And of course....DIG DIG DIG!

[video mp4=""][/video]

Dog photos. Dog videos. They are medicine so don't ever NOT send me them. Here's my email:

And that isn't even everything!

Now we still have a whole gallery of snow photos - yes, including dog photos and yes, these came from all of YOU!

Insane Photos - And Dog Photos - From This Weekend's Jersey Shore Blizzard Of 2022

Were you not in Ocean County to see what the eye of the storm looked like? Well here you go...

I believe, on average, I am hearing that the shore got just under 2 feet of snow over the weekend...that is at least TWO Lou Russo's just to put it in perspective.

I hope that this snow storm didn't cause too much of a ruckus for you and your loved ones and now that the snow is here to stay for a day or so, do you wanna build a snowman?

But now let's relive a time when the Jersey Shore's weather situation was a bit....calmer....

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