With today's announcement that Beyonce would be headlining shows Memorial Day Weekend in Atlantic City at the new Revel Casino, I thought I'd take a peek at prices for hotel rooms. It's a good thing I was sitting down.

I love Atlantic City, and enjoy spending an occasional night at the Borgata. I love that you are able to dine at great restaurants, dance at clubs with well-known DJs, see great bands and comedians live, and of course, no night is complete for me in A.C. until I play my Sex and the City penny slots.

As much as I love it, I'd be much more inclined to go if it weren't so darn expensive! Even the cheapest places to eat will cost you about 20 bucks a person, parking is at least $5, the clubs charge a $20 cover, then however much you choose to spend on drinks or gambling...and after a night of drinking, I obviously would not even think about trying to drive the 90+ minutes it takes to get back home to Monmouth County, so I stay in a hotel.

I realize that a nice hotel will cost a lot of money for a night's stay, but how much is Revel charging for Memorial Day Weekend? Well, first of all, they are requiring a two-night minimum stay. To stay May 25-27 in a regular room with one King bed...$439 per night. That means $878.00 (plus tax). JUST FOR THE HOTEL ROOM?!?

Are they insane? I know it's a holiday weekend, and their opening weekend at that, but are they kidding?? It would be cheaper to fly to Vegas and stay there for a WEEK.

I can't blame Revel, either. Every casino I looked at was charging at least $300 to stay on Saturday night of Memorial Day Weekend.

I'm not an unreasonable person. I don't expect to pay $20 per night. I'd even be fine with $150 for a Saturday night.

I keep hearing in the news that casinos are losing money left and right because tourism is down. Well hello, even if you could afford to drop $1000.00 without blinking an eye, it seems like a waste to spend that much on TWO DAYS in a place like Atlantic City. I went on a 7-day Caribbean vacation for less than that. And that's in paradise. Let's be honest, anything outside of the casinos in Atlantic City is a wasteland.

What do you think the casinos should do to turn things around? Add your comments below!