The 10 Most Insane Lottery Wins In The State Of New Jersey
Some of these numbers are totally insane! Imagine winning a few hundred million dollars?! What would you do with that money? How many houses would you buy? What kind of car would you drive? Where would you want to go on vacation? Would you still go to work? Who would you give money to?
Want A Higher IQ? Move To New Jersey
Look at you smarty-pants. New Jersey is filled with some of the smartest people on the planet! All that smarts has paid off because you make more money too. The thing is, we start our kids off right with our education system. New Jersey has been ranked number one in education for many years runnin…
Lottery Hack *GUARANTEES* More Cash In Your Pocket
Despite all the lessons we've learned over the past 10 or so months, New Jerseyans have let another sickness grip them: Lotto Fever. The Mega Millions draws tonight for a jackpot of over $700 million. But fear not, losers because the Powerball goes off the next night for the paltry sum of over …

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