Shopping is about to get a whole lot more convenient.

Starting this July, Kohl's Department Stores will accept returned items that were purchased on Amazon.

While many retailers have been fighting with the online giant, this partnership with Amazon will get people into Kohl's stores, which in my opinion is a brilliant move. In essence, Kohl's has become a partner with Amazon.

This is a plus for shoppers who can get an instant refund by going to Kohl's, as oppose to going through the online process with Amazon.

There aren't many details about how the process will work yet. What we do know is that Kohl's is saying it will accept items regardless of the reason and whether the items are packaged or not for shipping. Kohl's has always had a pretty relaxed return policy in the past for in-store items.

The only catch will be trying to get in and out of the store without buying anything!

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