Kohl's stores across the state of New Jersey are about to undergo MAJOR changes.

The giant retailer says they're working to de-emphasize their identity as a department store. As part of that plan, they'll make changes to their existing stores and new locations, which will open in the coming years.

As part of those changes, they'll open Sephora mini-shops in more than 850 stores. That's a majority of the retailers' current locations.

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Plus, they'll likely start to merge departments within the store as they say they'll "elevate and modernize the experience for consumers," by "refreshing and launching innovative zones, which will inspirit curations of cross-category product brands."

These changes will begin rolling out in New Jersey (and nationwide) really soon.

What Changes Will Be Made For New Kohl's Stores?

As for their new stores, they'll be smaller than their existing stores. Which is kind of nice, right? Some of their stores feel too large, and it's tough to find what you're looking for, I thought.

They'll open more than 100 new "smaller format" stores over the next four years. While they didn't announce any locations for those stores, it's likely that at least several of them will be in our area. I am kind of curious how small those stores will be. Could they be like mini-stores in smaller shopping centers? The retailer has not publicly elaborated yet.

Why Is Kohl's Making Such Drastic Changes?

The retailer is hoping to avoid a fate similar to brands like Sears, which have been forced to shutter their locations as brick and mortar stores have struggled to keep up with the changes in the retail industry.

Kohl's currently operates 38 stores in New Jersey — including Cherry Hill, Flemington, Marlton, Trenton, East Brunswick, East Windsor, Hillsborough, and more.

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