There is one thing that rings true: 2020 is not our year.

There has been a pandemic, social injustices and killer hornets.

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And let's not forget about the economic impact from the pandemic that has put a lot of New Jersey retailers in a crappy position: with their backs against the wall.

To try and survive their tough financial times, they closed a massive amount of stores to stay afloat or just closed the company all together.

Here are all the retailers who took a major hit.

Shopaholics....just don't even look.

New Jersey Chains That Have Had A Massive Amount Of Closures In 2020

Let's hope that as hard of times we are in right now, we will find a way to bounce back...even if it isn't exactly as it was before.

You can take a look at a more-detailed look at the various stores in New Jersey that have been hit by the pandemic at

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