'Little' Sierra is the latest calf to be born this year at Six Flags Great Adventure's Safari!

Born on June 2nd,  the fourth calf born within a year at Six Flags Safari Park, Sierra has finally ventured out into the plains of Jackson (within the safari, of course)  with her mama Muraya.

Sierra is about 6-feet tall and this 'baby' is already over 200 pounds. She should get as big as 1500 pounds when she grows up! Although we don't know just how tall she will get, a typical male giraffe can get a tall as 18-feet (making them the tallest mammals in the world.)

Baby giraffes can stand and walk within an hour of their birth. They even sleep standing up!

baby giraffe running

Sierra joins Embu, Soda, and Phylis, the other three young ones. It is a wonderful thing that all of these calves are being raised by their mothers, according to safari veterinarian Dr. Ken Keiffer.

Sierra is now out frolicking with some of the other African animals at the park, including the blue wildebeest (aka the white-bearded gnu), blackbuck, and eland.

This type of giraffe, riticulated giraffes, have distinctive coat patterns, like a fingerprint, which is how the staff can tell them apart.

Giraffe numbers in the wild have decreased by nearly 40% in the past 30 years, placing them in the "Vulnerable to Extinction" category. The Six Flags Wild Safari is home to 12 giraffes.

Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure

Have you been on The Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure? It takes you on a self-guided journey through 1,200 exotic animals from six continents from the safety and privacy of your own vehicles. You must purchase tickets and make a reservation in advance of your visit using Six Flags’ new online registration system. A new, free audio tour is available to stream online that provides fun facts about 70 different species of animals at the safari. You can learn more about the animals and their habitats, purchase tickets, make reservations, and stream the audio tour by  CLICKING HERE.

And here are some fun facts about a giraffe's measurements for you from the Six Flags Safari: They are...

·         Taller than traditional double-decker busses;

·         Two times taller than ostriches;

·         Two times taller than the world’s tallest man, Robert Wadlow;

·         Two and a half times taller than the average Christmas tree;

·         Two and a half times taller than superstar basketball player Shaquille O’Neal;

·         Taller than three stacked refrigerators; and...

·         Taller than 14 stacked bowling pins!

Have you been to the safari at Six Flags yet this year? It's a great day trip for you and your kids!

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