Brace yourselves for a cuteness overload!

A baby lion and tiger are being raised together at Six Flags Great Adventure's safari in Jackson, and the photos and video are too adorable!

It started a few months back when an African lion cub was born to a first-time mother on November 19. Days later, on Thanksgiving, a Siberian tiber cub was born, also to a first-time mother.

Unfortunately, Dr. Ken Keiffer, a Six Flags veternarian, said that both mothers could not figure out how to take care of the cubs, so safari staff intervened and have been hand-raising the little ones ever since.

These are two animals who would never interact in the wild, because they come from different continents, but Dr. Keiffer says they will stay together for a few months to develop socialization skills, which will help them when they are reintroduced to their own species.

For now, they snuggle and play together, and make us all go, "AWWW!!!!"


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