I don't know about you, but I've been watching the live stream of April the pregnant giraffe for a week now, just waiting for her to give birth.

If you're growing impatient, Six Flags Great Adventure is coming to the rescue with footage of its own baby giraffe, born just two months ago!

baby giraffe
Baby Xena was born January 2017. (Six Flags)

Xena was born in January 2017 to mom Georgia.

baby giraffe with mom
Baby Xena and her mom going for a walk. (Six Flags)

Xena joins baby giraffe Eddie, born in November 2016, and Charly, born in August 2016.

My favorite Great Adventure giraffe though, has to be Mika, who stole my heart back in 2014!

It's just too cute!!!!

You can see these adorable giraffes on the Safari Off-Road Adventure when the park opens for the season on April 1st!

Hopefully this can hold you over until April's little one makes its appearance!

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