Mika, the newest addition to Great Adventure's Safari, was born on October 11. (Six Flags Great Adventure)

Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson is celebrating a brand new addition at the Safari...a baby giraffe named Mika!

Even better, they're sharing lots of photos and even a video of Mika's first day outside!

Mika, the ninth giraffe at the Safari, was born to first-time mom Noel on Oct. 11. Within an hour of her birth, Mika was on her feet, standing 5 feet, 10 inches tall.

Mika, shortly after birth, in the Great Adventure Safari giraffe barn (Six Flags Great Adventure)

If you want to see Mika in person, this weekend will be your last chance to go on the Safari Off Road Adventure for a while...the park closes for the season on Sunday, November 2nd!

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