Have you ever been at a restaurant when some obnoxious fool at the next table starts bellowing into their phone for a lengthy convo?

How about your own meal companion paying more attention to what's in their hand than you, right in front of their face? A Jersey Shore eatery is fighting back, rewarding customers who stay off their phones.

Toast Red Bank
Laurie Cataldo

Toast, with locations in Asbury Park and Red Bank (and North Jersey, too!), has introduced the Cell Phone Challenge for what they are calling Cell Phone Free Saturday.

The rules are simple:

1. Turn all cell phones at the table to silent and place in the container provided. (Entire table must participate to be eligible).
2. Enjoy your meal and your company.
3. Let us know at the end of the meal you've completed the challenge before you ask for the check and receive 10% off."

Seems easy enough...or is it?

Think about how many times you mindlessly check your phone during a meal. Maybe you take your phone out to show someone something and then leave it on the table. Or maybe you're having a discussion about something and you want to look something up?

Suddenly the challenge becomes a little tougher!

Personally, I'm all for it...I hate when I'm out with someone and realize mid-conversation that they are completely checked out and looking at their phone.

It's actually really nice to unplug for an hour and just chat with someone. I promise, those notifications will all still be there when you're finished!

The question is...can more restaurants do this? Please?

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