April the giraffe has been capturing our interest since we first heard about her and the live streaming video that has the world glued to her every move.

I started thinking about how busy we are at the Jersey Shore and how often we say we don't have a spare minute for anything. We are always in a rush to get where we're going or to get back home from wherever we were.

I also started to think about the amount of time we are stuck in traffic here at the Shore and I wondered if we have any time to keep up on this cute giraffe story. So let's figure it out.

According to indexmundi.com, the average commute time in Monmouth and Ocean Counties is just over 30 minutes, meaning we're in the car, sometimes crawling in traffic for about an hour a day.

And we all know we classify commute time with phrases like "waste of time" or "that's an hour I'll never get back", or some other negative phrase we can't print here.

So if we're already an hour behind each day in the Garden State, and that's only if everything else goes right, and we know how often that happens, how can we possibly have time for April the giraffe?

Considering your 8 hour workday usually lasts about 10 hours and doesn't end there with nighttime calls and emails, the math just doesn't work out for April.

Add in homework, after school activities, karate class, dinner, housework, the personal taxi service that is your car and everything else that's part of our "normal" day, it's hard to squeeze a 14 foot pregnant giraffe into our lives no matter how much we want to.

Plus, this is taking longer than most people expected, and we have enough delays in our life. Sure, we'll check in for a minute or two here or there and we think it's an adorable story, but many of us are forced to wait for someone on Facebook to give us the good news.

I'm sure on of those 12,502,981 people who have visited the giraffe cam live stream can let us know. We'll be busy negotiating the Asbury Circle or Route 70 in Brick or Route 9 in Manalapan or the supermarket line, or, well, you get it.

Good luck April! We still love you!

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