A recent study has been published to determining the best state in the nation for women's equality, and if you live in New Jersey, you might be disappointed with the results for the Garden State.

Some of the best states for women's equality according to the study conducted by WalletHub are Hawaii, Maine and Nevada (1 through 3 in ranking) and the worst are Wyoming, Idaho and Utah (48,49 and 50).

So where did the Garden State land on the list? We're only slightly closer to the top than to the bottom, and way lower than we all hoped we would be. New Jersey ranks as the 23rd best state for women's equality.

So, here are some of the factors that led to our ranking.

Workplace Environment...New Jersey ranks #37 in America.

Education & Health...The Garden State ranks as the 16th best in the nation in this category.

Political Empowerment...We rank as the 21st best state for this.

New Jersey is also among the states with the largest education attainment gap among among advanced degree holders, ranking only ahead of  Utah Idaho and Virginia.

Seventeen relevant metrics were used in the study in the three categories listed above to determining the results of this study. For all metrics, the difference between men's and women's results were compared, according to WalletHub.

These are disappointing results for the Garden State, and I'm sure everyone who lives here had hoped our ranking was a lot closer to the top than it actually is. Our neighbors in New York ranked at an impressive #7 in the report. Pennsylvania ranked 2 spots below us at #25.

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