So many of us are doing the best we can trying to raise a family here in the Garden State. 

Many of us were raised here, and that turned out pretty well. But is New Jersey the best place to raise a family? Have we made the right choice for our kids?

A recent study published at WalletHub lets us know our decision to raise our family in the Garden State is a pretty solid one As a matter of fact, it's pretty much a top 10 decision, and that's certainly a relief to us all.

Here are some of the key reasons the study puts Garden State squarely in the #10 spot on the list. And it turns out our credentials are pretty impressive. Here are the stats in particular categories and how The Garden State ranked against the rest of the country.

New Jersey is 16th in the percentage of families with children, and that's a lot of kids. We come in at #8 in best states for child care costs, and we're 3rd best in Median Household Income. We always knew there was some money floating around here in the Garden State.

But I think there is so much more that makes New Jersey a great place to raise a family.  My thoughts aren't data-based, but they are straight from the gut, and if you live around here, especially the Jersey Shore, you'll know exactly what I mean.

Here are the reasons I'd add to the list of factors that make New Jersey a great place to raise a family.

More Reasons New Jersey Is The 10th Best State To Raise A Family

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