If you are raising a family in the Garden State, we have some good news for you. A study is out ranking the top states for families, and the results for New Jersey are going to make you happy.

We really needed a win this week. We've been named the 5th laziest state and the #1 dirtiest state this week, so we are glad to wrap up this week with some really good Garden State news.

According to the study from MoneyRates, not only is New Jersey among the top states in the country to raise a family, it is the best state to raise a family. That's right, New Jersey is #1 on a list you'd want to be #1 on.

The research involved a number of factors in determining the rankings, some of which included children's health, academic performance and overall and college affordability. Our neighbors in New York made the list as well, ranking in a tie for #7 in the nation.

Despite all the bad publicity the Garden State seems to always get on a national stage, this good news probably doesn't come as a surprise to New Jersey residents. We are fortunate to have great education and children's health statistics in our state.

And we have so many people who put their family's well being first on their priority list, and that attitude shines through in a study like this. As a matter of fact, the study ranked us #1 for children's health, and we had top 10 ratings in  a handful of other categories.

So the answer to our question as to whether New Jersey is a good state to raise you family, the answer is no. It's not a good state. It's the best state.

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