If you are raising a family in the Garden State it turns out you picked a pretty good place to do it, at least according to one study.

The folks at WalletHub ranked all the states in the nation to determine the best places to raise a family, and it turns out the Garden State ranks among the top 10 best places in America.

As a matter of fact, we rank 8th overall in the survey. Some of the categories that were included in determining the rankings included median family salary (NJ ranked 3rd), divorce rate (we're 4th)  and percentage of families with young children (11th).

New Jersey also ranked 2nd in the nation for 'education and childcare' and second for 'affordability'. The Garden State didn't do as well with 'family fun', ranking only 26th. and we ranked 16th in 'child care costs'.

For the record, the study named Minnesota the best state to raise a family, and New Mexico as the worst. As far as our neighbors are concerned, New York ranked 6th while Connecticut was 13th, and Pennsylvania was number 21.

So, if you are raising a family in New Jersey, and were wondering if that's a good thing, this research says you can rest a little easier. You apparently made a pretty good choice.

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