We were all in a hurry this weekend. Last weekend was a washout, so the summer temperatures all had us ready to kick off the season the right way. And that brought out some bad habits.

I hit the Stop & Shop in Point Pleasant and took a deep breath when I pulled in the parking lot from hell, and, shocker, I  couldn't find a parking spot. I sensed some space in the lot so I was a little puzzled.

How could there be space but no spots. We can answer that mysterious question with a simple answer. Really bad parking. And I'm talking about that annoying habit of taking two spots with one car.

There are some distinct reasons this phenomenon occurs. One is really bad drivers. And it's my opinion that if you can't see the double line between spots than you shouldn't be driving at all.

The second phenomenon is the "my car is better than yours and I deserve two spots" parker. News flash. You get one spot like everyone else. If you really think your car is that special, head to the back row, park it there and hike it to the front door.

And I think the most likely scenario is the driver who is in a hurry and just doesn't care. They will yank their car into an available spot and leavr it at whatever angle it lands, as if backing up and straightening out is just not an option.

And don't give me the "cart in the spot" excuse. Yes, it's annoying but  you can get out of the car and move it and then straighten out.

The result of all this parking drama is that I can't get my grocery bags into my car using any of the side doors. The double lines are set up to give everyone room. So. if you just put your vehicle between them and not hovering over them, none of us would have a problem.

And another thing. If you are going to tell me that you are parked that way because the car next to you was already parked that way, I absolutely believe you, and this message is not for you, it's for the original bad parker. But that doesn't help me get my stuff in the car.

And before you say that I should just use the trunk, tell that to a mom who can barely get her kids in the car. How about this. Don't worry about me. Just worry about parking your car straight.


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