Bladder infections, pneumonia, and even deadly illnesses are what your child could face after a romp in a ball pit.
Experts say EACH BALL in a ball pit contains over 170,000 bacteria!!!

And they aren't cleaned daily. (I'd really like to see the definition of 'cleaned' anyway --- because unless they are sanitizing each and every one of the thousands of balls every single day, I don't know how much credit I would give to the term 'cleaning' when it comes to ball pits.)

The American Journal of Infection Control has published a study that lists the illnesses your child could contract from a ball pit including meningitis, sepsis, skin rashes, bladder infections, pneumonia, and more.

I know our kids are exposed to germs on surfaces everywhere from school to the mall, and I know that exposure to germs help build immunity, but why let your kids purposely launch themselves into a pit of bacteria?

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